PHP member signup script using mysql

The simple and powerfull User Member System.

Are you creating a signup form for your visitors ? You must have seen many sign up forms through out the Internet. Sites asking you for free signup or paid signup where they keep you waiting until you pay. Through signup webmasters keep a record of the visitors address, profile and other details, so every time the visitor need not fill all the details for every product or service it order through the website.
We will use some basic checking or validation to ensure all required info are filled by the visitor. We will also keep some optional fields in the form. As we will be developing this script with some basic requirements, you can expand it further as per your need. We will try to include all type of form components so you will learn how to handle them in different situation. We will be using MySQL database for storing the data so you must ensure that mysql_connection, database set-up etc are working perfectly..
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