TinyMCPUK - TinyMCE with file/image manager

The Best WYSIWYG now for me is TinyMCPUK.
1. Small file size
2. Complete Editor
3. Image Manager and Image Editor

Here is the detail information from the contributor:

TinyMCPUK brings you the powerful TinyMCE plus the MCPUK file manager and ImageManager strictly integrated together.


TinyFCK package contains:

  • a TinyMCE release (absolutely not patched, this is the original TinyMCE)
  • a patched version of Martin Kronstad’s MCPUK/ImageManager integration
  • an example documenting configuration

TinyKCPUK is only available for PHP.



TinyMCPUK 0.1 is updated with TinyMCE

Source: http://p4a.crealabsfoundation.org/tinymcpuk


yogesh said...

hey its cool editor...thx .
Can you tell me is there anyway I can apply css dynamically for each time i am loading content into editor.
plz reply asap. my id is :yogesh.sonaje@aressindia.net

guminasay said...

hey, could you tell how's the setting that i have to do to upload an image.

artileri said...

why do I get to this site? hmmm..